Nagito while the remainder of Category 77-B children try back into its class room, going to the finally class just before graduation

Nagito while the remainder of Category 77-B children try back into its class room, going to the finally class just before graduation

Chisa says so it has been a keen prize become its professor, and starts reading a page she wishing. Nagito and the rest of the category clap which have appreciation.

Adopting the address, purple lights stimulate, and you can Chisa actually starts to shout. The new designed swirls return for them while they all of the create a pledge of whatever they perform once graduation. Nagito states he understands promise commonly earn, so he has got no problem shedding on despair. Once bidding their unique group a final goodbye, Chisa turns on a-bomb one to fakes the death of Category 77-B. Nagito and his class remain outside of the university grounds because they see Hope’s Peak Academy’s destruction.

In the Catastrophe

Adopting the loss of Junko, the fresh new marks from Anxiety gathered some of their areas of the body having by themselves to create their survive within them or be nearer to their unique. Nagito take off his left hand and you can attached hers when you look at the its’ put. Although he says the guy did it with regard to stealing their particular electricity and his hatred to possess her, he along with obsessed more than her because the someone else. Whenever requested by the Izuru regarding it in the section 0, he becomes irritated and you will conflicted.

The brand new marks regarding Anxiety then wanted to a crazy intend to keeps a keen AI Junko take over their bodies, so they really can get resurrect its frontrunner.

Danganronpa A different sort of Occurrence: Ultra Despair Girls

Though the guy claims however come to Towa Area in search of a safe place, it’s highly possible that indeed, Nagito was among the Biggest Despair allotted to manage this new Captives in advance of he found brand new Fighters off Pledge. The students looked unaware of their correct name and desired to eliminate him, but made a decision to continue your live because their slave shortly after the guy pleaded getting their lifestyle.

The fresh kids generated him don a collar and chain up to their neck, entitled him just a slave and you will total handled him such as for example the guy wasn’t also a human. It see him unpleasant having talking too much and since out of their routine to misunderstand commands. Regardless of this, he seemingly have power along side Monokuma High school students and he offers them commands.

In reality, Nagito let themselves be caught on purpose on the advantageous asset of his personal requires. The guy accessible to work at Monaca (that knows his true label) despite their some other wants and therefore agreement is actually kept a key in the other students. He or she is asked from the Monaca to support Koe and you can give their unique on their wonders stronghold, a creating titled Towa Mountains. The guy produces an undertake Toko Fukawa and you can promises to release grabbed Byakuya Togami if she escorts Komaru securely toward stronghold.

Prologue – The fresh new Warriors out-of Vow

Komaru seems to lose consciousness once a helicopter crash which will be delivered to the fresh kids’ airship, most likely because of the Servant (Nagito). If you are she is actually unconscious, the guy got their particular Megaphone Hacking Weapon, analyzed they and you can weakened it for the sake of “video game balance”. 2 days afterwards, she gets upwards in the a jail-particularly cellphone. Slave hands right back their particular Hacking Gun, promises to offer their own enhancements after and says to their unique one to she has to wade understand the Fighters regarding Promise. He and additionally warns their to store that he previously came back the brand new gun a secret if she will not need to die.

When you’re Komaru talks for the students, why not check here Slave suddenly seems about their particular and you will snaps the Monokuma Wristband on to their unique hand, surprising their particular. He teaches you that if Komaru insists on the removing the bracelet, it does burst. When Komaru almost says their gun by accident, Slave preserves their particular of the quickly changing the topic and you can imperceptibly reminding her out-of his alerting. Masaru Daimon try angered through this and then he threatens so you’re able to glue Servant’s mouth area shut when the he keeps on talking instead of consent. Slave just jokes a tiny and you will goes to sit some time then out-of others.


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