The Icelandic Student Loan Fund (LÍN)

The Icelandic Student Loan Fund (LÍN) guarantees anyone who falls under the laws on the fund an opportunity for study regardless of their financial status.

The loan fund may provide students with a loan at upper secondary level who undertake credit insurance, the Fund also provides for granting equalization grants to students at the upper secondary level according to the applicable rules.

According to the law of The Icelandic Upper Secondary Student Union, the right to appoint one member of the Board of LÍN is to be appointed in order to safeguard the interests of students at the upper secondary level.

Jöfnunarstyrkur (Alignment scholarship? Equal fund? Compensation grand?)

Jöfnunarstyrkur is for upper secondary school students who are not entitled to student loans.

The general conditions for granting a residence permit are students:

  • Abolished regular postgraduate studies in non-tertiary education or equivalent requirements for preparatory education and university education.
  • Is not able to pursue comparable studies from their legal residence.
  • Must stay at least 30 km from their legal home and away from family due to study.

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