Moms and dads have abdicated the duties just like the women adolescent sexuality remains a big societal health drama

Moms and dads have abdicated the duties just like the women adolescent sexuality remains a big societal health drama

The new socio-business economics regarding male-women dating has because already been turned such a way one there are various female thoughts off households now that have dudes because dependants

The newest frontrunners away from Ekpeye clan are trying to answer battle for their daughters. The competition about wedding market now can be so big that in lot of Nigerian communities, parents are in fact no more requesting bride prices. They provide aside the dilies require was an accountable man, who has a regular income source (he could be a beneficial 419, no problem), and you may who can take care of the child. The truth is that the commercial situation have disrupted the wedding organization. Into the conventional societies out-of old, female got call at matrimony so you can guys exactly who you will definitely research shortly after all of them. A female is actually managed because a beneficial chattel to be ordered of the their unique spouse and you may managed. A variety of knowledge, modernisation additionally the drama off financial dispossession provides robbed your local menfolk from the ascribed excellence that has been centered to begin with into the symbolization of the phallus as an instrument out-of power and you may control.

This role reverse only tends to make rubbish of your own concept of bride-to-be rate on conventional feeling of the acquisition away from a woman from her family unit members. There are many more guys now who always feel “bought”. Indeed, there are many more Nigerian men now than simply any kind of time other go out at this moment who will be given, outfitted and was able from the their wives. If you question so it, upcoming inquire rich household. Girls off steeped belongings are never in short supply of suitors. The fresh new frustration to fully capture a rich girl is so much you to Nigerian parents now ask the next young man-in-legislation so you can sign a creating he would not go anywhere near the family relations wealth. In comparison, girls out of badly bad experiences whose mothers see the whole get it done since a commercial transaction struggle to prompt dudes past the bed room for the altar. Very Nigerian guys, especially the upwards-future Google age group, aren’t happy by dated idea of the guy since this new seller within the children.

There’s also the newest ethical concern. Girls do not necessarily attract suitors since they are breathtaking, knowledgeable, and you may cheap to wed. Feamales in new ancient times was in fact seen as assets from the people exactly who desired so you’re able to ilies one energized heavier bride to be rates how to get an Kochi bride performed therefore while they had been marrying regarding virgins; well brought up girls who were instructed the values away from discipline and you may respect. The ladies nowadays vary. Individuals who is get married them learn all of them. Feminine from wedding years into the Nigeria carry unique luggage.

The audience is on the season out of more youthful girls which be the part-day prostitutes. They continue a sequence regarding boyfriends. They are constantly requesting money. Its thinking is straightforward: “No Romance without Money.” Regarding morals, they are unimpressive. No people however actively seeks good virgin these days. All the younger girl that have a stylish chest and you can upper body isn’t any unlike a maternity ward returnee. Talking about playthings about area and you can toys in the possession of out of lecherous men.

So, who does spend plenty of these over-sexed, second-hands girls towards the morals from class boosters?

In essence, this new pegging off bride speed during the N15,000 from the parents away from Ekpeye Clan doesn’t target this new modifying complexities of the relationship place for the Nigeria. Besides, could there be most other good reason why men hightail it off Ekpeye women’s? There are many more than simply a thousand mythology in the Nigerian women in reference to the backgrounds. Having due value, female away from Agbor, Owerri, Ijebu, Abeokuta, Calabar, Ogoja, Benue and you may Itsekiri is particular sufferers off common myths.


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